Stepping Out Program

Stepping Out Program

for Child Mental Health Therapists

“Helping child mental health therapists learn, develop, and achieve their dreams, in order to, increase the number of well trained child mental health therapists in New Mexico.”

Stepping Out was developed to help mental health therapists strengthen their skills in working with children from birth to ten and their families. This specialized work requires years of post graduate training to address the special needs and fulfill certification requirements indicating competency in the field.

The purpose of this program: Small Steps wants to help support the development and training of as many child mental health clinicians as possible.  New Mexico desperately needs more well trained clinicians to meet the mental health needs of children and their families.  

Small Steps provides supervision, training and support in becoming a child therapist.  For the duration that the therapist remains at Small Steps, the therapist is required to be involved in one-on-one supervision, group supervision and is required to develop a specialty skill set when working with children.

Once a therapist feels ready to move forward with their individual goals whether it is a private practice, a specialty practice or the development of their own agency, Small Steps will provide administrative and billing support to help the therapist launch out on their own.

These requirements must be fulfilled to be a part of this program:

1) The therapist must first become a contractor or employee of Small Steps Child Counseling.

2) The therapist must treat Small Steps clients for a minimum of two years at three quarters time or full time with Small Steps Child Counseling.

3) The therapist must be an active participant in individual supervision and group supervision for two years.

4) The therapist must demonstrate regular attendance to all Small Steps staffing’s and training’s for two years.

5) The therapist must actively pursue continuing education in a child specialty field, for example: Infant Mental Health, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, etc. for two years.

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