Our Approach

Small Steps Child Counseling, LLC provides our youngest members of society and their families with specialized clinical mental health care.  Small Steps works with children from birth to 18 years of age using various types of treatment. Our approach focuses on helping children develop socially, emotionally, and developmentally through healthy relationships and building resiliency.

So much of the latest research on the brain has proven that healthy attachment and early mental health intervention can impact a person’s life in almost every way: relationships with others, life decisions, physical health, academic functioning and future family dynamics.  Small Steps is motivated to reach younger children at a time of life when neurological and psychological functioning is the most impressionable and relationships between caregivers and children can be enhanced to have the most powerful impact on the mental and physical health of that child.

Our approach serves not only children, but their parents and caregivers as well:

  • For young children in unhealthy situations, we provide a range of mental health counseling styles to help children succeed and move on to become healthy, full functioning adults.
  • For parents and caregivers we inform and empower through psycho-education, training, listening and recognizing strengths. Small Steps works to help parents succeed in relationship with their children.

Read about our full range of services.

To schedule an appointment or inquire about our services please contact us by phone at (505) 933-4639, or by email at julie@smallstepschildcounseling.net

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